I'm trying to fill a string with the name of a file stored in a "fake memory" vector. Assuming I have a start pointer that directs me to the beginning of the string in my memory and I know the string completes with a NULL, how do I do this? My final goal is to access a file whose file name I have just stored in a string. Here is my general process flow:

- fill vector with data from a binary file.
- a pointer to the file name string contained in my vector is given to me
- starting at that pointer position in the array, get each character and store them in a string variable until I hit NULL
- use string variable to access file using fopen and then scanf

*I am implementing a very simple syscall emulation for a processor I designed in Verilog.

This is a bit above me at the moment so any help would be appreciated.

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What part have you written and/or what specific question do you have?

- Did you get the binary file open?
- Did you fill the vector from the file?
- Did you find the start point of the string?
- Were you able to append characters to your string from the vector?
- Did you find the 'NULL' in the vector to know that you're done filling the string?
- Did you successfully call fopen?
- Did you successfully read the data with scanf?

We generally will not write your program for you, but will help when you show you're trying.

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