I developed a C# application that treats text files like a block note or word within Visual Studio 2005 and I want to add it to the right click event of the mouse so that if I set a focus uppon a text file in the desktop for example and I right click, I find my application in the list.

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In wizard setup project aka deployment project you can register files extension your executable can open, and you can also add an item to Windows Context menu when user rights click on your specific files extensions.
If you didn't get me, I'll write for you step by step how can you do it!


I think that I need to get a step by step procesure to do that
chokran rami


From your solution
1- Add new project from type "Setup and Deployment" and select Setup Wizard

2- Next, next, (Select primary output) next, then finish

3- you'll find two panes opened

4- Right click on the setup project on solution explorer and select View->File types

5- The left pane shows File types on target machine

6- Right click on it then Add new file type rename it

7- From its properties select the executable to be opened and the extension associated with it (the extension you need when user right click on it appear your custom item in Windows menu)

Need more help, send me again!

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