Attempting to create a login form. Original plan was to search database, and display output (e.g label) if the user exists. No password required.

I have limited coding ability with databases, and was attempting to search in an excel file. How do you find a record in a database?

Index |Column 1 | Column 2
1 |Bob | data
2 |John | data

How do I find 'bob'

Any help would be appreciated. I have looked in several forums, and attempted using my own knowledge, i.e streamreader but I cannot find anything

Thanks in advance.

You're not the first one doing login screens.

Did you try DaniWeb's search (that's in the upper right corner of this page) with words "VB.NET login"? Or googling with the words "VB.NET login"? You could also read some SQL tutorials if you want to learn the basics of the database programmming.



You can find an example, how to create a login form, here.

try flip through this book, Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET ..
there are sample codes on how to create a login form.

Dim UserID, Password As String

m_Login = New LoginForm
With m_Login
    .Owner = Me
    .UserIDMaxLength = 16I 'Limit number of chars
    .PasswordMaxLength = 16I
    .AllowPasswordNull = True
    If .ShowDialog("Login to the system", "Neo") = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
        'Use properties to get info back:
        UserID = .UserID
        Password = .Password
        MessageBox.Show("Possible success!")
    End If
End With