Hi, i got a jeditor pane working to display web links in my program. normal web pages display fine, and I got a hyperlink listener and that is working so they can click links. I use setPage("url as string");.

what I'm noticing is if the page has pictures on it, no problem. but if they click a link like http://www.mydomain.com/picture.jpg, it appears to try to open a binary file as text and prints out gibberish.

the other think is i want forward and back page button functionality. Now i can manually track the links they are going to and build a history, for these buttons, but is this the way it's done or is there any built in functionlity for this.


This is a wild guess - but could an Undo/Redo-style feature be used for back/forward navigation?

Other than that I have no suggestions and have no idea if there is any more ideal solution available (still a newbie and still learning!) :)