I'm trying to develop a small image viewer just as an exercise to sharpen my programming skills. So far , all the features that I could think of adding to it are zooming in and out, inverting the colors of the image, resizing, and rotation.

Could anyone suggest me a few more features?? You are also welcome to suggest anything which has not been implemented yet. I would like to take it as a challenge.


Edit the image palete.
Read/Edit the metadata.
Red eye reduction.
Allow multiple image formats and control the format specific options
E.g. JPEG quality or GIF transparent colour.
For other ideas have a look at this image viewer: http://www.irfanview.com/index.htm

Take a look at Paint.NET (www.getpaint.net). It is more or less like photoshop and written in .NET. Previously it was open source so if you hunt around the net you should be able to turn up an old copy of their source. It has a lot of image manipulation code.

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