Can anyone please help me as to how to print in java? Please tell me the basics first and then how to change the configurations.Actually I need to print in a thermal paper for issuing tickets. Can anyone please help?



You could take a look at the following:-

Printing in Java
(Very old article so information could be obsolete)
Java Print Service (1,2,3)

I have seen this article and it is obsolete.Can you suggest something newer?

How do you know it's obsolete if you don't know whether something newer exists? Obsolete means there is a newer method, not that the article describing the current method is old. ;)

If you just want a recently updated article, the Java Tutorial is a good start.

commented: Lovely application of logic :P +5

I have seen this article and it is obsolete.Can you suggest something newer?

There were Two Points suggested, Did you look at the second one mentioning the Java Print Service ?

Actually I am trying to print from a thermal printer.. it will be a bill. so can anyone please mention the attributes required, like page,page size etc. I know java has the interface PrintRequestAttributeSet which is an interface for a set of
print request attributes.so can anyone please tell me the attributes reqd for thermal printing?



Ah sorry, I missed that part of your original question.

I have no idea what settings you need either. I assume that if you have the thermal paper there, you can measure it and get a rough estimate of what page size etc you'll need. Experimentation will eventually give you the settings that you need to use.

The Java API doc page for PrintRequestAttributeSet

Use the method add(Attribute attribute) to add an Attribute to the set (that method returns a boolean, true if adding the Attribute worked)

More information about the Attribute class:

I also used Google and found a few potentially useful resources for you to read:
(Both of those look like interesting articles)

Let us know how you go.

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