I require assistance regarding one of my Java programs. As the program is rather large I'm unable to post the source.

The problem,
My program will not start once I try to execute the Jar file associated with the program.

Netbeans IDE 6.8

I've written this program, which basically is a advanced yet customized calculator for a certain game. This program uses Swing components for GUI. The program runs smooth inside the IDE yet when I try to execute via the Jar file generated for this project it will not run at all... When I execute the Jar file the computer takes some time processing only to result in idleness... This phenomena appears on several computers and over different JRE's.

I don't know how I can explain it futher without sending the jar file as example.
I appreciate any help given.


My program will not start once I try to execute the Jar file

What error messages do you get?
Copy and post them here.

How are you executing the program outside of the IDE? Open a command prompt and execute it there so you'll see any error messages: java -jar <thejarfilenamehere>

If no error messages, add some debug println() statements to the code, regenerate the jar file and try again. If the program is looping, you'll need to continue adding println() statements until you find the loop.
Are there any empty catch blocks? Put some debug code in them.