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Hey all , Thanks for reading this and sorry to be on the take, as it were :)

Please could someone point me in the direction of a tutorial that covers a credit calculator for student points.... i can design the gui but dont know enough to get the combo boxes to add numbers together to total a score or how to ensure the points only turn up in a list/combo/textbox when a pass , merit or distinction is chosen from another combo/list box.
Iam in no way asking for this to be handed to me on a plate, as i so badly want to progress on the earning curve with this. But am afraid i may bodge it up for lack of knowledge on th subject. I have not coded any buttons or the form yet for fear of the potential bodge factor.
Please i need a small amoount of real guidance on this and am available as gruffy321 on skype if anybody would be so amazing as to converse with me about it all.
I know this is asking for a consultation in a sort of way...well all i can say is i am student learning hard and am just not getting to grips with it yet as this is first project, and as such am not stockd with funds to pay for a consultation etc.
I really need a friendly experienced ear who remembers what it was like starting out, and perhaps i can pay you when i start rollin in the benjy`s or something ? :)
This is my first vb project , but is my last project of the year and my teacher seems to think( or excuse) that she knows less than my group about vb and has decided that teaching us even the basics would be pointless, this is not the case.... trouble is its all due in latest tuesday morning or i am a fail for entire year as is compulsory to pass course.
Sorry if that sounds a bit like a sob story but is the truth and it sucks big time in my head right now.
Once again thanks for reading and like i said above, no code as ye as not confident enough to know what to start writing.
Thanks with the anticipation that the knowledged will come through for me on here, which is presumptuous, but i have seen what you guys are capable of and can achieve normally on here, so hope its not asking too much :)
Keep up the great advice and work
Gruffy :)
Really cant wait until the day i can give back all the wnderful advice i have received from here.

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