how can i do it:

int array[20]={3,431,4,123,4,52,52};

using vectors??

You can't use initializers with vectors. You need to use something like

vector<int> ray;
ray.reserve(7); // Not necessary -- this just prevents extra reallocations.

Another option is to make an array with the initializer and use some kind of loop to push back elements (if you don't like writing all these push_backs). Another option is to wait for a later version of C++, which should allow this kind of thing.

This is a quick and easy way that uses an intermediate step of initializing an array, then using the array to initialize the vector.

int array[20] = {3,431,4,123,4,52,52};
std::vector<int> v ( array, array + 7 );

Alternatively, Boost has an assignment library that does just what you want:

using namespace boost::assign;

std::vector<int> v; 
v += 3,431,4,123,4,52,52;
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