Is it possible to save execute stored proc command in a string variable and then execute string variable???

Does this logic fits into LINQ2SQL?

Why I want to do this - INstead of passing user control references to server, I want to save user control values to string in client side java script and then pass string to server to do actual stored proc execution. Hopefully this will improve performance. DOES IT MAKE ANY SENSE?Plzs show me example.

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try this

assume there is one string variable data
now store values in this variable seprated by comma
suppose we want to pass parameter by three diff textbox using one string variable then use following code

data=txtname.text + " , " + txtmname.text +" , " + txtlname.text;

will looks like data=ramesh,ratan,nurra

and then for execute ur sp


EXC Proc data //(Your SP Name)

(EXC Proc ramesh,ratan,nurra)

will takes ramesh as first parameter
ratan as second parameter
nurra as third parameter
try it

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