I have been using Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 to get started with C/C++. I am making a graphics application and this error has come up. I know that my code is too big but I cannot cut it down and I need to add more features. Can someone please tell me how to increase the size of segment text or move code to another segment if possible, or show me a 32 bit BGI compiler. I already used the BGIOBJ function to move the font and graphics driver files to another segment and the code is still too big (over 4000 lines).

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>>or show me a 32 bit BGI compiler
There isn't one. AFAIK Borland itself doesn't even support BGI in its current compilers. You will have to upgrade your skills and use something like Code::Blocks or VC++ 2010 Express, both are free.

WinBGI might do the job. See vegaseat's code snippet; Add WinBGI Graphics to your Console. There's a link to a site from where you can get what's needed -- note that you also need to get a new compiler.

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