Hello All! I ran across a bit of code that I wanted to try. In this code it had a line reading, "orig = POINT()" When I tried to run I got this error: NameError: name 'POINT' is not defined. This led me to believe that I didn't have the right module installed. So i went looking around for the right module and can't find it! So if anyone knows the module or if I'm crazy and need to do something entirely different please tell me. Basically I need to know about the POINT() data strucure.

Thank you for looking at this thread and for your time,


Can we have the entire code?
Just "POINT" does really narrow it down much.

I might be wrong, but I believe with may be talking about this.

If it is, you are a litle bit confused, since point is not a data structure, the namedtuple is the data structure you are searching for.


Ugh! I feel like an idiot. It turns out that POINT was a user-made class in the program. I'm sorry for wasting your time. :(

Thank you and sorry,


No need to sorry about that.

We all have doubts, and can get confused sometimes.

I was reading that yesterday, thats why it came so fast to me. :)

You can mark as solved.


Happy coding.

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