Hello Java friends

I'm trying to make a program, using NetBeans, to allow users to scan (using a external scanner) ISBN numbers on books and using this ISBN number to link up to a website to retrieve the information regarding the book(i.e Title, Author, etc).

I have not tried using NetBeans and trying to get data from the Internet.

Any ideas????

Thanking you in advance :)

The IDE helps you write the app, but once the app is finished, the IDE goes away.
I don't know how a particular IDE would change how you write your code. Of course I don't use an IDE so I can't tell you how to use it.

If you have any questions on writing Java programs, please ask.

lets first clear our concepts here first, Netbeans is an IDE, not your implementation language (unless you meant Netbeans RCP), what you are coding in is Java.

Any ideas????

You told us what you are planning on doing, so I am a little blank here on what ideas you are expecting.

trying to get data from the Internet

Well for that then you will need to

  • Find a Site which gives you the information on the books from their ISBN, also even if such a Site exists, I do not think it would be free. An alternative method could be web scrapping, Sites like Amazon give functionality to search based on the ISBN of a book. So you could shoot the request to their site by checking their search API and parse out the details of the book from the returned webpage.
  • After step (1), learn how to perform an HTTP POST or GET operation and read the response.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help... I just needed some guidelines ...

I will try out the methods you have metioned @ stephen84s.

Take care,

And it is wonderful to say level of programming skills.
@NormR1, Yes IDE changes the way you write code with things like:
1. Code beautification
2. Code organization
3. Code completion
4. Refactoring

In fact they "quickilize" the Job ;)

Plus GUI in some IDEs like in Intellij Idea and NB