i have to read 10 lines from the middle of a file, i tried to use seek method but it requires number of bytes. i dont know how many bytes will be contained in 10lines. how can i tell seek to read 10 lines from a specified location.

If the file you're trying to read is a textfile, then you can use the TextReader's ReadLine method.

Try this and see if it helps.

TextReader reader = New StreamReader("<file to read>");
string line = "";

int startReadingHere = <enter line number here>;
int lineIndex = 0;
int readLines = 0;

while (reader.Peek() != -1)
   if (lineIndex >= startReadingHere && readLines < 10)
      line = reader.ReadLine();
      //Do something with the string
      readLines += 1;
   lineIndex += 1;
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