i need an audio player to embedd in my c# windows apllication which can play mp3,wma files and it should have all the controls like play,stop,pause,fast forward, fast rewind... right now i have used windows media player but in this fast rewind button has been disabled... but i need all the controls to be enabled... please can someone help me please.........

Embedded in your C# windows application?
That sounds like IronPython.
You can add a reference to IronPython and Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting assemblies to embed a Python application inside your C# one.

i am sorry to ask once again i need an audio player like windows media player to add into my apllication which should play mp3 and wma files....and it should have all the controls like play,forward ,stop,pause,rewind buttons in it...
please help...

Are you looking for something along the lines of tkSnack? I cannot help you with integrating it into your C program, but from experience it is a highly dependable library that is quite easy to use; it is also cross-platform (at least for Windows & Linux). Its one downside is that it requires Tkinter in order to function.

EDIT: Are you looking for a library or a pre-written music player?

i need pre-written music player.... if u don know that means please tell the library ...

Why are you asking in this forum...
shouldn't you ask it in the C# forum?

Just use Microsoft's media player's COM component.
In Visual Studio, just add a reference to


and then I think you can add a media player control to your form.

But really, ask this in the C# forum next time.

Is [attached] what you have been doing?
The rewind and stuff should work.

K.. next time i will post in c# forum only.. but here i have used wmp.dll.. and also i have added windows media player.. the rewind button is disabled for the mp3 file type which i want to play...so i need some other dll or audio player...

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