Hi, thanks for choosing to help me.

I want to do a simple music player, you know, the slider with the seconds you're on, play/pause, stop, open file, show recent files,about and exit. I tried QT's Phonon, but it isn't working, I get a lot of errors trying to compile the example code from qt's official website http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/phonon-musicplayer.html and the code from the tutorial in the Phonon's official website Urlhttp://api.kde.org/4.0-api/kdelibs-apidocs/phonon/html/phonon_tut1.html.

I wanted to know if anybody knows another library/framework on which I can do the music player, and that it doesnt take too long to learn. Im considering Windows programming, but it seems to be a little hard(at least harder than QT), or show me some code of an already made music player, for me to watch it and learn.

Thanks for the help,

look at bass library.
It is the best out there for free project. you need a good buky for commercial though!
Otherwise, look at given library for example libmad for mp3 et al

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