Hi all
I have a problem in my application when load a form, I get runtime error 7 out of memory, the applicaton works in my computer (P4 2.8 Ghz 736RAM) until yesterday, today i got that error, i did uninstall styleXP from my computer and after restart it the application works again. This problem occurs always in a client computer (Pentium 2 / 256 Mb) so i don't think the problem is memory.

Any body have the same problem???
Any idea or solution???

Please help :cry:

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We would probably have to see some form_load code before we could even start to make a judgement. Are you Sure that's where it is failing?


Thanks for your reply
Yes, i made a ctrl+break then check line by line with F8 and when the application tries to load a form the error appears. Maybe it´s because i have an out of date ocx from sheridan data widgets, in other forms appear the 372 error, which means that ssdatb32.ocx is out of date, what do you think???


I'm not so sure that an OCX that is out of date would give you an out of memory error (unless the memory management routine that it's using is calling API's or using a method that works differently now). I would like to see the form_load code.... if you figure out the solution, please post it for others to see.

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