I'm writing a steganography app in c# that will hide an image and text covertly inside the least significant bits of a bitmap image. I'm trying to convert this code snippet i found in matlab to c# but dont know how. Does anyone know how to convert it to c# or vb.net code? Thanks Stego = uint8(bitor(bitand(Overt, bitcmp(2^n - 1, 8)) , bitshift(Covert, n - 8))); n = Number of least significant bits to replace. Normally 4

Overt, Covert = Bitmap images
Stego = Bitmap image output

The matlab code allows one bitmap image to be encoded into the least signficant bits of another bitmap to form the Stego image.

Thanks for your help


Sorry, it's been years since I've worked with MATLAB, but the code doesn't use many unique MATLAB features.

So, here is a quick conversion to C# bitwise operators; sorry, I don't have a complete solution for you, but I hope this can at least get started:

byte Stego = (byte)((Overt & ~((byte)2^n)) | (n > 8 ? Covert >> n - 8 : Covert << 8 - n));

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