We try to search and remove duplicate files and need the best program for this purpose.

Try <<snip>> software from Ashisoft to find and remove duplicate files...

Have a look at this utility,it can find duplicate files and to remove duplicate files. This program is free.

Searching a best program to search duplicate files and remove them is not a tough task
but its sometimes difficult to know which software is using CRC or md5 comparison ao make the search most reliable. let me suggest you one tool that uses CRC32 for file comparison.You can add multiple drives to search files for & its 100% safe.Its the best duplicate files remover as I think.Its from advanced system optimizer.download it directly from
http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-System-Optimizer/3000-2094_4-10147659.html?tag=mncol or else you can find it on google or tucows..

I think it will match your expectation!!

Lemme know how goes :)

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