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what all files this program accesses

- Yeah what about them?

I will gladly help you, if you would tell me specifically what you want to know.

- Are you using this application as reference, to learn C++?
If you would just tell me something like that, I could easily tell you more about tha application, which relates to your need.


A freind sent me this and im quite curious to see what it does, and im still an extreme rookie when it comes to C++ but im slowly learning.


I just opened your rar archive... it contains an EXE. You can't for sure determine what that program does, as you don't have the source code (C++) for it.
It may not even be made with C++.

I wouldn't try to open it, if you don't know what it is, probably your friend is going to prank you and it's some kind of joke-virus or something :)

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