I was wondering what all files this program accesses, and any other info you could tell me about this program.. The program is in the link below.


Mucho thanks in advance!!


what all files this program accesses

- Yeah what about them?

I will gladly help you, if you would tell me specifically what you want to know.

- Are you using this application as reference, to learn C++?
If you would just tell me something like that, I could easily tell you more about tha application, which relates to your need.

A freind sent me this and im quite curious to see what it does, and im still an extreme rookie when it comes to C++ but im slowly learning.

I just opened your rar archive... it contains an EXE. You can't for sure determine what that program does, as you don't have the source code (C++) for it.
It may not even be made with C++.

I wouldn't try to open it, if you don't know what it is, probably your friend is going to prank you and it's some kind of joke-virus or something :)

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