I was started a thread for how to do the setup. You was told me the solution, I have publish my project

1. In Build menu - publish the project.

I have publish a setup in Visual Studio 2008. It's running very well on my PC. But when i tried to install the setup on another PC It show an error message that

"You have to install framework 3.5 installer assembly. or go to the administrator".

Is it compulsory that where you are installing a setup on that system Visual studio and sql must installed ?

if no then

why this error is occurred and how can i overcome this problem?

Basically you must install a .net framework on the computer where you will install or run your website. It is a prerequisite in order for your code to be interpreted. Similarly if you are using MS SQL as your database, you should have installed SQL server too. The .net framework is downloadable for free, however you may also install Visual Studio, it contains the .net framework.

I hope this helps.


But if where i am installing my project that system dont have that capacity to inatll both SQL Server and Visual Studio at that time is there any way to run our project on that system.

I have done a project on Visual Basic 6.0 which have the back end MS Access that project can work wihtout MS Access and Visual Basic Then why the Visual Studio cant run whiout any support.
Why ???????

Yes, I have tried creating a project using MS Access and it would still work even if there is no MS Office installed. Your system will not really work if there is no SQL Server and .net Framework installed. I can't explain in details why SQL Server needs an installer before you could use it's database. I'll try to research more on this later and get back to you.

There is a site which hosts SQL Server and .NET webpages. Try this one, and if you will present your project, just type your URL. http://www.aspspider.com/

I asked my professor about this and has given me a complete explanation regarding why SQL won't work if there is no SQL engine installed and why .accdb files or MS Access files can run even if there is no installed MS Access application. The reason why MS Access files still run on machines is that ODBC exists on most windows operating systems. You may use Visual Studio in your project together with MS Access as your database since your computer is not capable of installing SQL Server.

Ok Thank you.

u tell me that it is required file SO we have to install SQL server & Visual Studio I agree with u.

But I have a Question

If there is any big company is develop a software for any firm then they are not install the SQL Server & Visual Basic first. What they do. It means there is some way to install the project and get all supported file.

If possible please asy your professor. So that I also completely satisfied.

Once Again Thanks


Well, if sql server cannot be installed on every machine in a company, it will most likely go to a server, and the software will connect to that server for information instead of on the local machine. Kind of the same way that when you browse a forum, you dont need to have sql server or oracle on your machine. You will simply send a request to that server, the server will filter your request, acknowledge if its valid and then returns your the response.

Hope this helps.

PierlucSS is correct, if your computer cannot support your system, then you should have a server where all your files and databases will be installed. Then your computer should be connected to a LAN or to the internet to be able to access those files like this forum.

There is no need of installing Visual studio on client place, But you do need to install sql server locally or on server. dot net framework and sql server will do the job. If exceptions occur due to assembly files add copy required dll files into your application's BIN folder. Else its about the permissions on IIS. If problem still persists, then it must be the client machine's hardware configuration that is not supporting the framework or your application.

thank for repling me.

can u tell me the procedure to do it. and also how to install the dll files.

When i try to install my project on a system it gives me an error message that Version problem .net framework 3.5 not installed.

and that system has SQL Server2005

If u know please tell me....


thank for repling me.

can u tell me the procedure to do it. and also how to install the dll files.

When i try to install my project on a system it gives me an error message that Version problem .net framework 3.5 not installed.

and that system has SQL Server2005

If u know please tell me....


well, i think u cudnt get the point that few others have posted.
anyways, let me explain.
For ur exe to work, u must install the framework that ur application was developed, ex, if u have developed ur app on VS 2005, u must install 2.0 framework, since u have used VS 2008 to develop the app, u must install framework 3.5 on ur client machine,
however, u dnt have to ask ur client to install it himself, u can urself add the framework while u create the exe.

SQL part.
For ex, you are developing an application where u select and update a specific data, this should have a database for it, in ur case u r using SQL server as the database.
if ur client should use the application, he should have access to DB right.
And thats the reason, u must give him to access to the DB that is SQL server.
now, there are 2 ways.
U can ask ur client to purchase sql server and install it, or u can give it as a package with your application.
If you dnt want to, ur company can maintain the server at ur company's place and give them the support through network.

thanks for explaining me.

I am cleare with SQL Server 2005 That i have to install that on client system.

but Can u tell me that is i have to install only framework 3.5 is this comes seperate or it install when i Visual Studio 2008. Please can u tell me. Because i realy don't have any idea about it..

Thank U once again...


first install framework on the computer you want to install project then execute the setup file of project and if needed please change connection strings in your project

The key word is "Deployment". This is very difficult, even for professionals.
Small companies have one deployment specialist. Big companies have a whole department.
Microsoft Visual Studio does help you.
1. For SQL in small projects on one computer, there are two free options.
One is called SQL-Compact. The other is called SQL-Express. Both of these are free. SQL-Compact does not require separate installation, but it is harder to use than regular SQL. SQL-Express a full-blown server, but the customer must download it.
2. .NET Framework version is an option for your deployment project. So, when you click "publish", there is an option to include the most recent version of .NET Framework, together with your program.

In other words, the new machine must have Framework, but your program can automatically install that also, if you tell it to.


cna u explain me that how can i automatically install that files. how can i tell it to install framework 3.5.

Please help me...

go to your drive where your windows is installed.
probably it is C:\\
Go to WINDOWS -> Microsoft .NET.
inside that u ll find .exe of the version of Framework that you are using.
In ur set up, there is Application Files, click on that, Add this framework.
This will get compiled with your executable file as an end result.
While the user clicks on ur Executable file, this will get installed initially.

Thank u, mark the thread as solved once u r done with this solution.

If you are using the VS2008 publish wizard, here is what you need:
There is a window called Project->Properties.
That window has lots of tabs.
Project->Properties->Application is the first tab.
On that screen, there is a combobox, third line from the top, called "Target Framework". That box lets you select which .NET Framework your program needs to run.
Also in Project->Properties there is another tab to control what happens automatically when the user clicks your setup. That is called Project->Properties->Publish, which is the last tab, on the bottom.
Project->Properties->Publish has a button called "Prerequisites". That button lets you choose which free programs and .NET Frameworks will automatically install on the user's computer, as part of your setup.


My setup problem is solved.

I realy want to thanks to arunkumar,wisaacs,hirenpatel53, And daniweb all of you help me a lot. I am very thankful to all of you....

Thank u...


its a pleasure, u are welcome prajaktaran...

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