hello guys
i need your help , i am new in c language and i need to know if i can use c langiage to open images , i asked my programming teacher and he said i can not but i think it is possible so please if it is possible give me the code and also i want to know exactly what kind of softwares i can create by using c
and also i want to know if i am able to create 3d games in c and how

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Opening an image file in C language is no different than opening any other file. Its what you want to do with it after that which can get tricky. Either your instructor is very very stupid or just didn't want to be bothered with your question.

And yes, you can write 3d games in C language. It just takes a lot of experience and knowledge of C language. If this if your first semester learning the language then you are not yet ready for writing 3d games. Start out a lot simpler by writing text based games. DaniWeb has a whole games forum where you can ask in depth questions about games.

thanks , ok how to do it , please give me the code

how to do what? Open the file? This will simply open the file but doesn't do anything with the file's contents.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   FILE* fp = fopen("somefile.bin", "rb"}
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