I am trying to add a combobox into my datagrid which connect to access database by using the code below. The result I wish to get is the combobox is locate at my datagrid column that already exist, but what I get now is it will add a new column with combobox that I want to add. Can I just update the combobox into my existing column7 but not a new column?

Table1DataGridView.AutoGenerateColumns = False
        Table1DataGridView.DataSource = RMA3DataSet.Table1

        Dim Status As New DataGridViewComboBoxColumn

        Status.DataPropertyName = "Status"
        Status.Items.Add("On Hold")


Another one is how to add a datetimepicker into the datagrid?I wish to add under column8 name DateOfDone.

Anyone can help? Thanks and appreciate it.

I solved the combobox one by change the column type in the properties of the datagrid.

But, there is no datetimepicker column type in there, so how to add a datetimepicker into my datagrid column 8?

HELP me pls...