In strings i learned how to sort about numbers...
the question is, how does one sort letters?

there are some sort in alphabet here in Daniweb
but i cant understand its process

is Letter A > than Z? is the computer using ascii values?
isn't A(65)< Z(90)?

if in strings, if i type

if(name[0]>name[1]) //results to Andrew then Scott?
//fake code

would it arrange itself in alphabetical order?


From www.cplusplus.com about the operators < > <= >= etc:
"These function [sic] depend on the value returned by string member compare."

Regarding compare:

"The member function returns 0 if all the characters in the compared contents compare equal, a negative value if the first character that does not match compares to less in the object than in the comparing string, and a positive value in the opposite case."

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