Hi I need an urgent help......

I Have made a project on C# where i have use MS-SQL as a database....after that i have published the program which creats exe of my program.......after creating exe

1) I download .net framework 3.5 to friends computer.
2) Then i install MS_SQL Server 2005 to friends computer.
3) Then i install that my project there.

.................Now when i run my project i gives database error......Please help me
to resolve the error and what 2 do next? thanx in advance.........

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there's a way that you dont need to install sql but i cant remember it now. search for it


instead of publishing the project,
use the VS to create the exe of ur project.
File -> New Project ->
there is Other Project types, under that there is Setup and Deployment.
click on that, and from here, there is a thread that i have post few months back, have a look at it.
I ll search it for u.


Please change the configuation of server in the configuration of your friend system config file

Change the name of the Server as localhost in the Connection String

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