Dear God,

I've been trying to write this program that is suppose to read in a text file manipulate in and give the following out put infact here is the question

Implement a program that uses a form-letter template to generate form letters. Your program should read in a form-letter template from a file. The form-letter template has "holes" in it that are to be filled in with user-entered values. The holes are represented by a pair of @ signs. For example, suppose this is read in from a form-letter template file:

Congratulations, @@! You've just won @@!
To collect, please send $100 to

And suppose the user enters these two values for the two @@ holes:

Raheel Azhar
a new house

Your program should then print this form letter:

Congratulations, Raheel Azhar! You've just won a new house!
To collect, please send $100 to

this is what i have so far but all i get is compilation errors

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

class FormLetter
string letterTemplate;

FormLetter::FormLetter(string fname)

letterTemplate = fname;"letterTemplate");


void generateLetter();

void FormLetter::generateLetter()
string input;
int count = 0;
while(count <4)
cout << "Enter insertion text: " << endl;
cin >> input << endl;
letterTemplate.insert(find_first_of '@', input);
cout << letterTemplate << endl;


int main()
FormLetter formLetter1("letterTemplate.txt");
return 0;

letterTemplate is of type string .Do it have open and close methods?