hello i would like to know how can i use these isString,isInt,isDouble functions.
i really dont have a clue if these functions do exist.

but i want to create a program that lets me input anything.
and it would identify if it is a string an int or a double.
i would be using a String variable.
here's my code.

import java.util.*;
class program
public static void main(String[]args)
Scanner input=new Scanner(System.in);
String a;

System.out.print("Enter anything: ");

System.out.println("this is a String");
else if(a.isDouble)
System.out.println("this is a Double");
else if(a.isInt)
System.out.println("this is an Int");
System.out.println("no comment");


when i runned this. the error says:
cannot find symbol: variable isString
cannot find symbol: variable isDouble
cannot find symbol: variable isInt.

i need help on how to use these functions.
or any function that could let me identify a string a double and an int
Thanks in advance.

Anything the user types is a String
You can then try to convert the String to integer (etc) by using API methods such as
public Integer(String s) throws NumberFormatException
which will give the the Integer if possible, and throw a NumberFormatException if it cannot be parsed as an Integer.