I am developing a window based application. I want to show my menu to be separated by a vertical separator. Just like this:

File | Edit

Anyone?Is it possible?

ToolStripMenuItem can contain pipe-character (see the pic).

If you want that the MenuStrip itself looks like "File | Edit", you have to build your own menu system. That's not a standard Windows application style, more like something you see in the web-pages (like in this page too). Why would you want your Windows application to look like a web-page?


Yah your right! I want my MenuStrip tp look like "File | Edit". My boss demanded me to do it so I had no choice. Can you help me how?

on click event of file make edits visible property true and keep the property of edit and other option false

hirenpatel53: what do you mean?can you give me sample codes?

You can add pipe characters as top-level menu items and name them for example mnuPipe1, mnuPipe2 etc. (see the attachment).

The only problem is, when you hover mouse over the "pipemenuitem" it gets high-lighted like any other menu item.


yah right! I already tried that but I don't like my menu to be like that!
Thank you for all your response! God bless!

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