please help me to calculate the distance between each pixels between the images stored in the database

Maybe we could if we had any idea what it is you want.

sir actually i have a set of images in database and for those images i have to calculate the distance between each one and i have say which image is similar and which one is some what ok and which image does not suit to the search by the user please help me to solve this problem sir

As in what part? Retreiving data from a DB? See the JDBC tutorials. Creating an image from the InputStream retrieved from the BLOB read from the DB? See the Swing tutorials. How to do the comparison? A bit of Googling should provide you with an algorithm/theory, although probably not code. How to display the results? See the SWING and/or JEE tutorials, depending on the type of app. Once you have done all of that, start writing some code (even if only in "simple" forms at first). If you then need help with that code, due to errors or simply unexpected results, post that code, with all error/compiler messages and a complete, but concise, description of the problem and wee will help you correct, but the question you've asked, as is, is meaningless, especially since we are not a code service.

Do you have any choice about doing this? Conmparing different images is horribly difficult (and slow) in any language. Is there any other project you can do?

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