Hello Dear All Friends,

Im learning c++ about 4 months.. Im just only using Dev c++.
The reason why Im creating this thread is to check with ur all that which application is the best for me to create a system. I mean create a GUI that can make lot of function.. Is it Dev c++ or visual c++
Thx for ur kind attention

I would lean away from Dev as (my understanding is) it's very buggy and no longer under development.

The Visual C++ Express Edition is a good option but if you want to do winforms you're stuck with C++/CLI which is cumbersome (you can use the Win32 API within Visual C++ too but there is a learning curve there).

You could look into Code::Blocks (which comes with mingw, the Windows port of g++/gcc) and supplement it with something like Qt or wxWidgets or others for your windowing toolkit.

visual C++ is better ^.^

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