I have been taking a few courses in C++ and I am having difficulty starting a few problems. I am seeking help to develope programs for the follwing questions:
1) Write a function to calculate the mean, variance, and standard deviation for values stored in an array.
2) Write a big-integer program allowing a user to enter 2 large integers for addition, subratction, muliplication and division.
I am running out of time for my course and need assistance.

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Since both programs require relatively low knowledge over the language you can try to find a few tutorials and go over them. This doesn't require too much time and it'll get you over the basics. I don't think somebody will write the code for you, but I'm sure somebody will help you with finding, understanding and correcting the mistakes you make. Give it a shot, in the end it only matters what you know. :-)


Post what you've tried. You may want separate threads for each problem.

For #1: do you know how to do the calculations?

For #2: how are you planning on storing the big numbers?

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