I have a GUI with a table on it with only 1 column(more will be added later).

The Gui gets an arraylist that has to be iterated through and then each value has to be inserted into the table.

Whatever I try, I can't get the GUI to set the cells to the correct values.

Any advice?

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Whatever I try,

Can you show us what you have tried?

set the cells to the correct values

What values does it set them to?


Sorry for taking so long to reply.

At the moment, I have a GUI with a table on it called tbl_1.

The gui program receives an arraylist from another programme that contains values.

I've tried using add() and set() (you can't use set, I know that now).

Is it possible to send a resultSet via a socket connection?


ResultSet rs = new ResultSet();

in = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());
Object ob = (Object)in.readObject();

if (rs.getClass() == ob.getClass()) {
    rs = (ResultSet)ob;

If it is possible, but im doing it wrong, please correct me.

Thank you.

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