Dear all user and admin,

My father now is paralyze with a symthom that been called MotorNeoron.. He cant do anything. He just sitting and and laying. Cant move his hand, leg, and all of his part.
He ask me to help him making an shortcut key for him..
He just typing in internet by using his eyes, that detected sensor from the sensor item. But it is too slow. He still working in internet while he is paralyze. Im really kind and sad for what he does. Can anybody help me with short key in c++, example while if he Press 'F1' will auto type "his name". and 'F2' will type "his age" and others. The function can stop and start because some time he need to use the f1 until f12. I just need ur guyz to give me some scripts in c++. and i will try my best to done the scripts.. I need to work up with my self coz he is my father.. But I need ur guyz help to help me with simple scripts.anyway, thx for who are helping my father.. May God Bless You all.

Thx u all :(

Is there any reason why it must be done in c++? I'm also assuming he is using Microsoft Windows?


I'm definitely very sorry to hear about your father. I would look into as much information about the hardware for his setup and what interfaces it uses and what APIs are available (if any, they may not be public). There might even be a setting that could be adjusted to make it more reactive for the time being.

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