Does anyone know if this is possible, and how to do it? Or if there is another way?

Cygwin GCC creates PE binaries (i think), I want ELF binaries.


i've read a little from the manual but it seems that i should be looking at the build options for cygwin-gcc instead.

i am trying to compile the JOS operating system that is used as an example in OS design courses at UCLA, MIT and NYU. It compiles fine on linux (and i am having issues compiling it on cygwin). I also think that it needs to be an ELF binary... but I haven't got it to compile yet anyway.

We use windows at work, so i'm looking at doing a little work on it in my free time there...


The source base is the same, right? If you can keep an updated copy of the source at work then there's no point in using a cross-compiler.

well, it runs in bochs... so if i can create elf binaries at work i can run the OS at work as well as home...