Hi guys,

I'm a grade 11 I.T student and I need help.I have to create a networking application in
Java,something like Mxit or Facebook, just a simpler version.I have no idea what to do and my teacher is too stuck-up to help me.All I have is a GUI.Can someone please help me??
I'm desperate !!

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Describe in more detail what you want your app to do? Is it client and server stuff where you write both sides?
Or is there an existing server that you want to connect to?


Do you want to do a web based or client application. If you want web based there is a really good book on ajax using a Java backend that you should probably check out. It is called Ajax on Java http://my.safaribooksonline.com/0596101872 You will need two components to your code a server side and a client side. The server side generates your page and deals with data requests and storage. The client side deals with events such as a user typing text into a text box and clicking a button. An interesting beginning article on "Java Network applications" (a really good google term) Is here http://www.javacoffeebreak.com/java109/java109.html

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