i know it might seem a little bare but i wanna know if im on the right track so far.
for most of it im making a guy and a function that will increase his lvl when xp is reached. Then i reset the xp and increase the ammount of xp the guy will need to lvl up.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class man{
             int man();
             int ~man();
             int life;
      int stamina;
      bool isalive(int x){
           if ( int x == 0){
           return true;}
           else return false;
      int level;
      int exp;
      int level_exp[] = {200, 550, 670, 900, 1200,  2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 9000}; 
      int findexp(int xp, int lvl, int array[]){
          if (int xp == array[]; lvl++){
      int figure_level(int x){
          if (
int main(){
     if (                    
 return 0;   

look. go post in the correct forum. This is general game dev, not a programming language. looks like C++ to me, so post in the C++ forum. Also, code snippets are for completed, working snippets that other can use. This is the sort of thing you put in code tags in a forum post.