Thanks for reading ...

I want to write for example: ln 3

Is there is any command or function for it ...!

we have a direct support for the logarithmic functions in c.
include math.h in your program and this solves the problem of find ln 3..
this ln 3 is similar to log(3);
i think the site mentioned by mahsa_c++ also helps your problem..
please help me in using system(); in c++

Dear Sharathg ,

System() functions in C or C++ provides you to perform command prompt ( or Shell) command in your program. usually typing the very same command that u do in a shell, in the argument field of the system( ... ) function will lead to the performance of that command.
For example in a cmd ( command prompt ) in windows typing "cls" clears the console. now typing


will clear the program console.

My searches said to me that there is a very similar discussion in daniweb in here :

and also, i guess you'll need to include the file <windows.h> in your file too.


ha thanks
but its not executing....

can we execute one c program from another using this system() ??

and why doesnt this code open the file specified located in the same directory??

system("type hello.txt");

please explain

void main()
system("type hello.txt");

i got the same when i browsed the net.....
please explain