Hello everyone,

I am trying to set a column in my datagridview to be as datetimepicker column only.

It is so easy to do it if my datagridview is not binded within database, i did it by making a user control which transform datagridviewtextboxColumn to datetimepicker from Calendar().

But my question: i dont want to add a new column in my datagridview of type datetimpicker or maybe something else like datagridviewComboBoxColumn or else, i just want to change my column type:

For example changing DatagridviewTextBoxColumn to datetimepicker
DatagridviewTextBoxColumn to DatagridviewComboboxColumn

This can be done easily by setting my datagridview columns to specific columns, but my main concern is that my datagridview is already binded.

Hope i can have any help, coz this issue took lot of my time.

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at [post=1273473]this post[/post]. The link there is for a CalendarColumn class.
If you add the CalendarColumn class to your project it appears in the column choices in the DataGridView designer and you can bind to it just like the other column types.

Note: Remember to select the C# tab and click the copy button at the top right to get the code in editable format.