Hi everyone. I've got to do a program in assembly and I'm a newbye. I'm studying and trying but there is always some difficulty. I'm using x86 language (16bit), I'm programming with ConText (actually I found this assembly enviroment on an italian website and I don't set anything)

I've got to do an application who work like a mail address book with this four functions:

1) Add a name and an address
2) Modify an address
3) Print the list of address
4) quit

I've make the 3) and the 4) points and I think I can make also the 1)
but how can I handle the 2?

First of all I think I have to consider line to line
Then I have to compare the string name that I want to modify
then I have to modify

But I can't do it. Any tips?

Ps: sorry for my english ;)

I have also problem with the printing on a file of the input on keyboard. I post my code:

_inser: mov     ah, 3dh         ;Open the file
	mov     al, 2           ;Open for writing
	lea     SI, [Filename]  ;Presume DS points at filename
	int     21h             ; segment.
	mov     [FHndl], ax
	LEA     SI,DepoNom    ;Punta il deposito per la stringa in acquisizione
XX00:   MOV     AH,01H        ;Queste istruzioni servono per leggere un
        INT     21H           ;carattere dalla tastiera; la lettura lo lascia
                              ;in AL

        MOV     CS:[SI],AL    ;Queste istruzioni servono per salvare il codice
        INC     SI            ;appena assunto da tastiera nel deposito puntato
                              ; da SI; poi il puntatore SI viene incrementato
                              ;per puntare la locazione successiva

        CMP     AL,0DH        ;Queste istruzioni servono per verificare se il
        JNZ     XX00

xx01:   LEA     SI,DepoNom    ;Punta il deposito della stringa acquisita
        mov     ah,40h

How can I go on? please help

i would advice you to visit emu8086.com download and get the documentation. It has alot of what you are trying plus many examples


The price is too much high :)

Does anyone help me whit printing a string from keyboard to a file?

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