I use Visual Studio and when I go on Properties->Settings, I cannot seem to find the setting thingy for background image.

I do not like .XML files for user settings so I use settings instead. I want to change the background image of a menustrip and then when the application is re-opened (when it is closed->opened again) I want the new selected background image as the background image for the menustrip.

I know how to change the background image but simply cannot change the user settings for it.

In one line what I am asking for is the location of the background image setting when I click <browse> in the settings tab on the form properties.

If this is any help. The background image is from the resources folder and its not <browse> its Browse...

Image.FromFile(string setting);

So how do I implement this into my code (button click wise and settings wise) ?

I can change the background of the menustrip using :

menuStrip1.BackgroundImage = Resources.[image name];

I have this idea:

Make a setting (string) which value is the location of the background image (which is located in resources so the value would be: Resources.[Image]

Now I have made it so that when the corresponding button is selected to the background image it overwrites the value to Resources.[Corresponding Image]. Now I need to write a code on Form1_load so that when the form loads it loads

menustrip1.backgroundimage = [setting which value is the image that user has previously opted to select as user settings]

Now I need to know what code goes in between the [ and ] !

Fixed !

My plan worked

Fixed !

My plan worked

Then mark it as solved.

Sry, forgot this site does that

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