Hello forum, this is my first post and I am sorry it must start out with a nooby question, but to become good you have to start as noob so...

Ok, this is what i need help with:

Basically im coding my first c++ console program for a job, my friend is going to pay me $35 if i can make a console program that can scam someone's runescape account... I don't want to do this but, i figure he has saved my ass so many times i owe him the time it will take to create it. plus the $$.. lol

plus this is a time to rank up my skills. or lack there of.

anyways i need to create a console program that can create a document for when he enters the username and password.

and if all possible have him send the file through ftp to a online host.

im not sure if the server can be done, but please help me in this...

any help at all will be accepted...

also note i did the research, since runescape accounts belong to jagex and not the user who made them, this is in no way theft or etc. so PLEASE DO NOT SAY SOMETHING SIMILIAR...

thank you, i will be on here checking for answers every 15 minutes.

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