Iam using ubuntu 10.04 LTS.I have a problem in including graphics.h in the g++ compiler I
am using.I have nearly tried all the possible solutions given while i googled about it.
Please help me .I am a beginner to programming.

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graphics.h is not supported by any *nix compiler -- it was developed for Turbo C on MS-DOS 6.X and older operating system. So you might as well forget about trying to use graphics.h on *nix or with g++ compiler.

iam really srry then haow am i supposed to use graphics in the way it is done usin graphic.h

You don't. graphics on *nix is completly different than it is on MS-DOS/MS-Windows. Here is a source for linux graphics questions. You will have to be a member of their forum if you want to view that link.

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