So basically, I have this GUI program. I can run it, and it displays a graph of some data. The thing is, I want to put this program inside of JFramebuilder, and make changes to it. I dont know if it is even possible, but I figured if I opened JFrameBuilder and retrieved the .Java file it would open it. Unfortunately it did not. It said something about the program not having a initiateComponent() method. I would like to know if anyone has had this same error, and if it is fixable. Thank you for your time.

I'm using Netbeans's GUI builder, which has a similar setup to it. I think that means that JFrameBuilder expects a method called initiateComponent() where you add anything the frame contains (panels, buttons, text fields, event listeners, etc.) and set their properties and such. This method would then be called in the constructor of whatever form (JFrame, JPanel) you're using. Though I can't be sure, as I'm not familiar with JFrameBuilder.

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