hello... i am a graduating student now and me and my partner is currently developing our thesis entitled "high tech coin saver". This device is just like a digital coin saver. It automatically counts every coin whenever the user put one, it is limited on counting coins, and it can also detect if the coin is fake or not. i just want to ask what are the devices that we can use in order to complete our study... i really need help... thanks guys...

detection,,, could be done with laser etc

when detected incremnt the counter

i dnt kno much,,just giving u idea

Sounds like a hardware problem not a software problem.
Try asking an electrical engineer.

... well, honestly it's more on hardware devices, but once we know what are the devices we can use, we are going to focus on these devices program.... pls.. i really need help

Can you explain what your java programming problem is?

... one of our programming problem is how to make a program just like in atm. A program that can automatically counts the coin whenever the user dropped one. Part of the program is that it can dispense money and automatically subtract the amount on the current balance. I already found a program that we can use as a source code but for me, it's too complicated to understand the flow of the program. So I'm planning on making one on our own but first we need the devices that can be used in our study... thanks...

first we need the devices that can be used in our study.

Yes, once you get the hardware and the definitions and protocols for using that device then you can start designing the software.

Good luck.

I'd suggest you use small children to count the coins. They could be fitted with USB ports to make data transfer easier.

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