How do i convert an int to a const char?
also, how do i convert a string to a const char?

thanks for all the help.

int to const char....
int a=12345;
const char c = a &0xff;

string to const char....
string s("some bollux");
const char c = s[0];

I suspect you meant const char* as the above examples although correct will probably be not what you intended.

string to const char* ....

string s("some bollux");
// then when you need the const char* from this you call strings member func c_str().
if (strcmp(s.c_str(),"some bollux")== 0)

int to const char* ....

int a = 12345;
ostringstream os;
string s = a.str();
if (strcmp(s.c_str(),"12345")== 0)