hellow all i have problem that i have deployed setup for windows application.before instling this application i have to install the .net frame work is there any way in vs 2005 to create such setup when i install my application on any system it shoueld install .net frame too.
thx in advance

ya, there is, i ll send my thread that I posted previously in the next post..

Alternatively, you can use the express version of InstallShield - makes for very professional looking apps and I'm pretty sure it's free.


follow this link...

Hi Arun i checked ur post but it was about just deployment i have deployed my application but before installing the application i have to install .net frame work for application to run. i just want that i just install the application on client computer and it install .net frame work too automatically is there any possibility at the deployment. any prerequisties for .net frame work.
thx in advance

while u give the set up project,
there are 3 folder menu's that u get on the left panel,
Application Folder.
User's Desktop.
User's Program Menu.

In the application folder, right click, add -> Folder.
Rename the folder as framework.
right click on framework, add -> file.
browse -> c:\\Windows\Microsoft .Net\ Framework
and inside framework folder, u ll get an exe, thats ur framework exe.
click on that and say OK.
thats it, n after this step, add ur .csproj to your set up project.

with your executable's, u ll get the framework installed.

while your user clicks on the EXE, he ll get the framework installed.
and then the user is ready to use your application.

Let me know if this works.

If you have a VS Setup Project then you can have the Setup project automatically install the framework for you as a Prerequisite.

  • Right click on the Setup project
  • Select Properties from the bottom of the menu
  • Click on the Prerequisites... button
  • Confirm Create setup program to install prerequisite components is checked
  • Confirm .Net Framework 2.0 is checked
  • Select Download prerequisites from the same location as my application.
  • Click OK on both dialogs.

Now when your setup project is built, it adds a copy of the .Net Framework to a sub-folder.
When the installaiton exe is run it automatically installs the framework if not already on the system.
Caution: The settings for prerequisites is a by build option and can be set different for Debug and Release builds.

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