WinXP Home, sp2:
I am going thru the tutorial @
The exercises are great. BUT I am still running with 1) dle.exe, 2) python shell, and 3) an idle text input screen ( [ C:\Program Files\Python26\Lib\idlelib\vm ]
When I click on PythonW.exe it does nothing. I tried the directions for associating *.py with PythonW.exe , but it doesn't take. Still only 1) dle.exe, 2) python shell, and 3) an idle text input screen ( Shall I go into RegEdit and fiddle with something?
How do I get wxPython up and running. I am thinking it will be the GUI. But I see no evidence of it.

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Wxpython is a library GUI to be used with python programs. It is not a program like firefox.exe What you do is call the library from your codes and Bang! it fires up the GUI. Just pick up any simple code from zetcode and run them in IDLE. Wing IDE 101 is good for programmer. NOTE: I'm not wingware marketing guy though :)

If I wanted to distribute a Python program to Mac and PC users, would I also have to distribute Python.exe and wxPython libs?

use py2exe and py2mac to package an executable files

Another way is to just distribute the python files and tell the users that the program depends on python and wxpython, which anyone can install.

I found py2exe at sourceForge, but where can I fiind py2mac?

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