Hi, would u please help me with the buttons i use on my vb.net forms. I want a way in which if i drag my mouse onto a particular button it would increase its size and if i click onto it, it can respond to the codes. May be like i want it too look like those Macintosh laptop icons, whereby if u put my mouse on it, it increases its size. Is there any way like that, please help me with the steps and codes if possible thnks.

You have the MouseEnter, MouseLeave and Click events.
And you also have the Width and Height properties.

use mouse enter event

when you enter the mouse on button event will fire and write code for increasing size like


Mouse Leave event

and this event will fire when your currsor leave from button at that event write to reduse size of button like


if use full and problem solved please Mark as solved

Thankyou so much, i think i learnt how to do this the first time and something new as well

done with it marke it as sovled thanks

yup i marked it as solved thnks again