I have a small project that I am working on and am trying to implement an AboutForm that is odd shaped, like the splash screen for VS2010 or Photoshop CS5 etc...

I have made an image (png) in Photoshop that has a drop shadow and a transparent background but cannot get it to work correctly.

I have read various tutorials on the web about Regions etc.. but for the life of me I don't seem to be able to sort it out.

I found one tutorial called Grab Region that had a demo project and this nearly works but still leaves some white border around my image.

I have tried applying a Panel with it's Background set to transparent, to a form, then applying my png to that, as one tutorial said but all that resulted was that the form's background would show through.

Surely there must be a process/step that I am missing as a vast majority of applications now come with either odd shaped splash screens or about forms.

Any pointers would be terrific.

Kind regards..,

MT ;)

Thanks for replying.

I have downloaded the source code along with these 2 tutorials and when running the exe inside the source for the transparency section it is still showing the lime green surround on my PC, I wonder if this is happening to anyone else, or that I have a problem at my end?


MT ;)

OK, I have managed to get my shape working using the Region method and all is good except the drop shadow.

Obviously I need to find a way to fine tune the tolerance so the background colour can be striped away leaving the drop shadow as it should be.


MT ;)

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