Hi i am facing this problem, please help me in my korn script

export $job_ids

echo "#Message creation" >message-typing.typ
chmod 777 message-typing.typ
echo "orderParser:1:999:210:T" >>message-typing.typ
echo "*REQUEST=FLOWTHRU;JOBID=${job_ids};OLD_DD=20050629000000;%" >>message-typing.typ

cat message-typing.typ

Now the job_ids is a variable consisting of job id, and if u see i have exported this variable too.
However, the message-typing.typ file when i see through the debugging mode consists of job id value, but once the script has terminated this job_id value dissappears, if i run on my unix prompt like
prompt> cat message-typing.typ
#Message creation

So any help please

the problem seems that the variable $job_id is not being set. I would look at the export command you are using. What value exactly are you trying to export?

job id has value like C2686524196


I see a problem in the export, it should be

export job_ids

doing "export $job_ids" will export job ids saved in the job_ids variable instead of exporting the variable itself.


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